At this time, we do not have an in-house shipping option. 

However, we have several options for you if shipping is your preference.


1. The UPS Store, Mamaroneck, NY

If you are interested in having us bring your item to our local UPS store, you may contact them for a quote and then give us the go-ahead. Their contact information is as follows (and they know us well, so just tell them you are calling about a Hayloft item!):

Phone: (914) 833-1955



2. For shipping of larger items within New York, here are several numbers you might try:

Danny, "All About Service Movers" : (347) 386-7052

Victor, "V&A Trucking Inc" : (917) 509-1672

Classic Van Service: (917) 841-5382

John Hughes Moving: (718) 478-0014


3. For larger items going beyond the New York area, the following is a list of Doyle's recommended shippers: 

Recommended Shippers List


Please contact Brian ( to update him on your shipping status or ask him to recommend a shipper.


  1. Please contact Samira Farmer ( or Reid Dunavant ( for assistance with shipping your purchases

  2. 1 Stop Pack n Ship in Rockville, MD or (301) 762-3715

  3. PAKMAIL in Charleston, SC - For Purchases Going South from NYC or DC - large or small

    (843) 795-7197 or email

  4. For local delivery in the DC Metro - Southern Stars, Alfredo Diaz (301) 728-3967