In honor of Love week:

Someone stopped in yesterday to pay and pick up items, and said, I hear Doyle says: “Brown furniture is back!”

Would that it were that simple...

I have been writing blogs and posting on Instagram about classic “Brown” treasures; the supple veneers, the classic antique piece topped by whatever eclectic-a appeals to you at the moment...

Taste is personal and I have been telling people for years, “buy what you Love, never buy for an investment!” Just as our Instagram quote this week from Bunny Williams says: “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule”.

Would you buy a pair of skinny jeans as an investment? Do you buy any clothing as an investment? When I am buying clothes, I can hear my mom’s voice ringing in my head: “That’s expensive, it’s an investment, so make sure that your style is classic, not trendy.”
The interesting thing to me is that I do find “brown” furniture “trendy” when it has a chic veneer, bold inlay or the wood itself has burl or two-tone qualities like tiger or bird’s eye maple!

Always buy what you Love, and it may just happen to be that you jump on my Love for bringing back the “Brown”!

- Blythe Knapp


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