Books, and books, and books

An Introduction to our Hayloft Blog

I have spent the last four days sorting through books. Boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of books. Big books; small books; super dusty old schoolbooks from the 1890s; photo albums from the 1980s that I had to throw away, cookbooks written by celebrity chefs who are no longer relevant; beautiful art books; old, leather-bound books; some books by my favorite writers; and countless books I had never heard of. Many books about the political history of the United States; those all went to the recycling center. A lot of books, unfortunately, went to the recycling center. But I saved as many as I could, and I built myself an office of the walls of books that I created; and here I sit, in my book office, avoiding the boxes and boxes and boxes of books that I still have to sort through in the rest of this lovely warehouse.

Let me take account of one thing I am utterly grateful for: there are VERY few spiders in this warehouse. And the few that I have seen are small. And not scary. Amen.

Hayloft is a very special place to work. My most recent Juno driver there (I was running late to work…) commented, at the close of my explanation of the operation (he was intrigued by the name plugged into his GPS), that Hayloft is sort of like a startup under the protection of a larger company, Doyle. What a perfect formula, I thought to myself, for something brilliant to occur. And I truly believe that something brilliant is stirring here.

Stay tuned for blog posts about our most intriguing finds, DIY projects, and investigations into the origins of everything interesting that comes our way.

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