Hayloft Holiday Punch – a recipe for holiday success

Yesterday, we decided to get creative at Hayloft. As we do some days, we had a photoshoot. We bought flowers and holly at the wholesale/retail shop nearby (full of all KINDS of whacky flowers – roses dyed black and in multicolored swirls, and natural ones in a brilliant, velvety red), and Blythe brought punch supplies. We had asked Oscar to prepare an ice ring the night before, in a Bundt cake pan – full of cranberries and rosemary for full, beautiful effect. And we decked out one of our upcoming January lots – a Victorian ebonized and inlaid credenza – as if it were the main gathering table at a holiday party.



We made punch, and so we got to talking about it. Had it gone out of style? It seemed so... Why on earth had it? Punch is perhaps the most brilliant holiday tradition there is – a light alcoholic beverage in a bowl to refill one’s cup with throughout the day, to keep spirits lifted, family members from going for each other’s throats, and the introduction of the new boyfriend as jovial, non-awkward, and non-nerve-wracking for him as possible. Not to mention that punch is delicious. And, of course, it can be non-alcoholic and still quite fun, festive, pretty-looking, and delicious. Here is our recipe, with optional prosecco!


Hayloft Holiday Punch:

-       1 Bottle of Prosecco (optional)

-       1 Bottle of Stirrings Cosmopolitan Mix

-       1.5 l of Ginger Ale

-       0.5 l of cranberry juice

-       1 l of pineapple juice

-       Stirrings glass rimmers (for decoration and fun flavor)

** Garnish with cranberries and rosemary; an ice ring made either from a vintage mold or a Bundt cake pan!

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