Old, New, Renew - a post by our own Blythe Knapp

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My husband and I are old, but new, NYC parents. We were blessed, early in our marriage, late in our lives, with a beautiful baby boy who has more energy than the two of us have combined now at age two and a half.

This joy has renewed our lives and challenged us to change, so I recently re-entered the auction business here at Hayloft. I was at Doyle years ago early in my career, then spent 17 years in health and wellness, and now I am back to an "old", yet "technologically new" auction industry...
Talk about renewal! At Hayloft we sell the "old" to the "new;" once a voice screaming out bids at a frenzied pace to an addicted crowd, now branding a new voice to encourage online, at home frenzy, just as addictive...

In taking on my new position at Hayloft, I have come across the "New Millennials," kids just graduating from Grad school. They are different from the 30-something millennials, who don't seem to have respect for the past, the old, or any experience other than their own. Perhaps the "new-mills" are understanding that the technology that they have grown up on may be the death of them or the breadth of them...they are seeing their "older" parents, not tech savvy, lose their businesses, their way of life. So new mills are taking jobs, however recently deemed beneath millennial status, to experience and learn from the "old ways". Point in case, Olivia, my new Hayloft cohort. Top-notch writer, eloquent and poised, Columbia journalism grad, who no one thought would take this start up position with me here in a humble warehouse in the Bronx. But, because her dad was in antiques (and he doesn't use social media!), it's in her blood, so I knew I had a chance. We hit it off immediately when she came to the warehouse to write a Hayloft article about "New, Young Collectors" and I thought, this is our New Mill! Now, we learn from each other...

I have been reading about how detrimental technology is for our son: "Don't let them on your Ipad," "don't let them on your phone," they say... But my son LOVES technology. So on weekends we go to Central Park to "ground" ourselves (there have been studies on the efficacy of this...look them up!), to balance him out. Away from technology, we kick off our shoes, put down a blanket and walk in the Earth. When you put your feet or hands in the grass, you can feel the renewing hum of Mother Earth, hence the grounding process (and I pray a bit that it is not the hum of underlying traffic that I feel, but I think not as the weekends are quieter and we are far into the Park).

In Winter we have to get more creative to achieve our grounding process and with the Holidays fast approaching, I nest and renew our inside space.
This Blog now makes it easier for me to share my renewal tips with you all.
This season I am encouraging you to Renew your winter space, nest a little... Set a Holiday table, it does not matter if it is for 1 or 1 dozen. Pull out the good silver, what are you saving it for? Mix and match your everyday funky pottery with your mom's wedding china and use your grandmother's cachepot as a fall foliage vase (see below). If you make a mean pumpkin soup, then use the cachepot as a soup tureen and grab a mint julep glass as a vase, instead...as in the photo above this post. 


Happy Thanksgiving All,


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