A smooth, shining iridescent substance forming the inner layer of the shell of some mollusks, especially oysters and abalones, used in ornamentation.


How incredible is Mother Nature? Every time I am on a beach, anywhere in the world, I revert to childhood and stuff my pockets full of treasure, like Bobby Brady!

When I empty them out, it is bits and pieces of foremost, sand!?! Then pieces of shells...they have always inspired me to decorate, or create a line of linens with shell patterns that are indicative of larger animals...small spotted shells that harken larger creatures, like tigers or leopards or snakes, oh my!

When you turn that shell over and find the mother-of-pearl iridescence that artists drive for in glass or glaze... it is a find!


Mother-of-pearl inlay on furniture gives an ethereal, exotic to Morocco, the Caribbean, anywhere!

- Blythe Knapp


In honor of Love week:

Someone stopped in yesterday to pay and pick up items, and said, I hear Doyle says: “Brown furniture is back!”

Would that it were that simple...

I have been writing blogs and posting on Instagram about classic “Brown” treasures; the supple veneers, the classic antique piece topped by whatever eclectic-a appeals to you at the moment...

Taste is personal and I have been telling people for years, “buy what you Love, never buy for an investment!” Just as our Instagram quote this week from Bunny Williams says: “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule”.

Would you buy a pair of skinny jeans as an investment? Do you buy any clothing as an investment? When I am buying clothes, I can hear my mom’s voice ringing in my head: “That’s expensive, it’s an investment, so make sure that your style is classic, not trendy.”
The interesting thing to me is that I do find “brown” furniture “trendy” when it has a chic veneer, bold inlay or the wood itself has burl or two-tone qualities like tiger or bird’s eye maple!

Always buy what you Love, and it may just happen to be that you jump on my Love for bringing back the “Brown”!

- Blythe Knapp


Veneer versus Lacquer?

I love lacquer, a chic Karl Springer table, can make or break a place, but being an eclectic traditionalist, it’s veneer that still makes me go crazy for Wood!!!

Give me a perfect, book-matched Queen Anne veneer any day...

I can get lost in the luxury, the supple tones and colors, the rich dark texture! 


When you touch a good veneer, you almost expect it to feel like fur, then you are pleasantly surprised by the smooth, cool texture.

How can “brown” furniture be passé when it is so luxurious looking?

Why not pair a beautifully veneered piece with a Mid Century Modern lamp, an art glass bowl and your favorite new artist hanging nearby? Go rich in your color scheme because a veneer can handle it; especially a centuries old, hand crafted piece. Check out these veneers from pieces in our last auction and don’t be afraid to think outside the box in your apartment. Go elegant-eclectic and mix a beautiful “brown” antique with something edgy and new...Time and quality will stand the test! 


- Blythe Knapp

Our #fridayreads

No, it is not Wednesday. We're being rebellious this week. We thought that we would share with you some of our favorite design reads this week as we prepare for our upcoming sale. They are just some fun ideas to get you thinking about new projects for the new year. 


  • Our favorite DIY tip:

Clever's "How to Refinish a Table"


  • Our favorite design piece:

Design Sponge's "Homes that Make the Most of Skimpy Square Footage"




Wishing you all the best as it warms up a tiny bit in NYC (and rains... oh, well). Stay tuned for our sale opening on the 17th!!!